Nostradamus predicts Donald Trump will start World War III

Nostradamus lived at the beginning of the 16th century. Very unlikely that has actually predicted what will happen in 2017 in the world. But supposedly Nostradamus has predicted the rise of the “Antichrist” Trump – the result is a third world war.

For some, it is sheer nonsense, for others a phenomenon, a few really believe in it: born in 1503, Nostradamus is supposed to have foreseen what is happening to our world.

For example, the rise of Donald Trump. In order to arrive at this result, however, a rather idiosyncratic interpretation of his words is necessary. The exact story in the video above – allegedly, incidentally, the third World War break out … how good that Nostradamus prophecies can probably be confidently referred to the realm of fable.

Nostradamus predicted the history of the entire world, and by 2018 he predicts various problems.

In the last days of every year, the search for expert predictions begins for the new year, and perhaps the predictions of the French astrologer Miguel de NĂ´tre-Dame, known as Nostradamus, may be more important, given that most of their prophecies they became reality.

One of Nostradamus ‘most important predictions is the attack on the United States’ Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 and the predictions about Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler and the development of a nuclear bomb, and also predicted the victory of the US president. , Donald Trump, in the presidential elections.

Nostradamus, however, predicted several problems for 2018, including heavy rains in Europe. According to their prophecies, Great Britain, Italy, the Czech Republic and Hungary will be flooded.

He added that a sharp wave would drain the heat from Asia and that many Asian residents would flee to the cold areas of the north. In addition, after the use of chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq, many people would point their eyes to emigrate to Europe and Russia.

The French philosopher predicted that a new zone of war will appear in the Middle East that will take many lives and that the war will be based on conflicts between tribes of different religions and the threat of World War III.

Nostradamus also said: “The problems in the United States will arise not only in the economic sphere but in all aspects of life.”

“The differences between the United States and other countries, including its allies, will arise in Europe,” said the famous Frenchman, who added that there will be a big difference between the United States and China, which will reduce US influence and make China the first power. economic.